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Hilton Worldwide, a leading national hotel management investment company, today announced the opening of the Cypress Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Hilton Worldwide today announced the launch of a new suite at the modern 224-room Cypresses Hotel, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The suits are pet friendly, with close - in suits for dogs and cats, as well as a dog and cat room for pets.

Juniper Hotel Cupertino is the ideal setting for a perfectly organized social event or special occasion. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a short drive from Silicon Bay, this boutique hotel is home to some of the world's largest technology companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google Ventures and Facebook Inc., and embodies the rich history of famous technology companies that call the area home. Equipped with the latest technology, rooms offer Mediterranean warmth and California coolness. They blend seamlessly into comfortable and chic accommodations designed for today's travelers, making your stay relaxing and productive.

The air-conditioned rooms at Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino are equipped with high-quality amenities such as air conditioning, air conditioning, private pool and fully equipped kitchen.

Dog beds, bowls and toys are available at reception and there is a lawn on the property for pet relief. A dog park with dog run, dog walker and dog playground is available, as well as a sunbathing area and a beep for your pet in the hotel and on the hotel parking lot.

There is a lawn for pets in front of the hotel and the Portalpark is 1.5 km away. The hotel has a dog park with dog run, dog walker and dog playground, as well as a sunbathing area and a beeper for your pet. Treats and trash bags are available at the reception, and bowls, Toys and beds are provided. There is an outdoor pool with a water fountain, picnic table and picnic tables and there are lawns and dog relief areas on the property.

Across the street is a pet-friendly space and treats are available at check-in. Rosewood Sand Hill accommodates two pets up to 75 lbs, and there are pet-friendly spots on the streets. Two pets of any size are welcome, for an additional fee of $75 per pet per stay. Near Alfton Cuertino, the Alfton Cuertino Pet Policy allows a maximum of three pets per room and a minimum of four pets in each room.

Two pets of any size are welcome, for an additional fee of $100 per pet per stay. Near Alfton Cuertino, the Clifton Hills Apartments in the San Fernando Valley welcome two pets of all sizes, for an additional fee of $50 per dog or $75 per pet per day. Pets are allowed on the street and in pet-friendly corners on both sides of the street and at check-in.

The Fairmont San Jose welcomes two pets up to 60 lbs, for an additional fee of $75 per pet per stay.

Simply Suites Silicon Valley welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night. Palo Alto allows pet sizes up to 60 lbs and two dogs of all sizes, with no additional charges for a stay of $100.

The Best Western Garden Court Inn welcomes two dogs up to 80 lbs for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night. The Juniper Hotel welcomes three dogs of any size, at no extra cost for a stay of two nights or more and two pets of 75 pounds, for an additional cost of 75 dollars per dog per stay. The Toll House Hotel accommodates two animals of all sizes, from a dog weighing 60 lbs or less to two cats of the same size for $50 per pet per day.

The park of the hotel The restaurant offers fresh local dishes prepared by renowned chef Brad Kraten using local ingredients and local produce.

Gold and Diamond members enjoy a complimentary breakfast for all registered guests and receive an upgrade to a preferred room subject to availability. As a member of the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, Curio Hotels offers guests access to Hilton HHonors, an award-winning guest loyalty program serving more than 45 million members. The bonus coincides with the first blackout dates for points earned by HHonors members for stays on or before July 31. With more redemption points than any other award program in the world and an active membership base of over 1.5 million guests, Hilton and H Honors offer members and guests alike a wide range of benefits and the ability to earn points for a variety of special events and events in July, August, September, October, November, December and January. Hilton & H honors is the only hotel rewards program that offers points and miles Blackouts appointments, with a limited number of events per month.

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